music selling tips for 2015


Question: Have you discovered the quantity of promotion U2 have been doing to offer their new single and also album? Why? They’re the most significant rock band in the world with millions of fans waiting to listen to as well as get their new documents. Solution: NO U2 PROMO = NO U2 SALES. If Bono and also the band have to advertise their new music, after that so do You.

You could publish your music to a MySpace web page and also to many sites for download. But if no one has actually heard of you – if you haven’t marketed You or Your Music) you’re not gon na offer extremely a lot. Tattoo this under your eyelids – No Promo suggests No sales. If you begin your recently established profession with this standard premise in mind you’ll save on your own a great deal of lost time, initiative, irritation and also head damaging.

Part 2 – You’ve made a bunch of tracks in your house studio or bedroom – excellent – this is where Stuart Cost remixed Madonna’s No. 1 favorite “Hung Up” – as well as it’s where many, many other music makers are creating their music.

The hi-hats are seeming dope and a phat b-line keeping it all with each other. You’re whiring with enthusiasm – your MySpace page is on-line with great deals of friends plus you’re on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter and also different other Social Networks you’re linkeded into. In today’s environment these are VITAL substances to selling your music. Now what?

Tip 3 – you’ve already been imaginative by creating new as well as initial material. You now have to discover innovative ways to road examination it – to view as well as hear just what complete strangers consider it. This is the truest and also downright acid driving test. If they don’t come down on the dance floor, you have to acquire back in the workshop!

If you DJ in your regional gastro pub, fall it right into your collection and gauge the response. If you don’t DJ, ask among your friends to try it out. The finest Remixers and also Producers demo their brand-new productions in the extremely same way prior to acknowledging that it sounds the finest they can make it or whether it requires even more job.

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